Posted on July 6th, 2018

Tai Ping / Edward Fields Showroom Welcomes Nick Hall as Sales Representative



“His eye for detail, deep understanding of design and meticulous comprehension of color, plus his positive energy and client relationships make him a valuable addition to the showroom” said the Tai Ping / Edward Fields team.





A rapid-fire Q&A

Q: Hometown?

A: Valley Stream, NY


Q: What’s your favorite Tai Ping / Edward Fields collection at the moment?

A: Reverence by Fernando Mastrangelo



Q: What’s your favorite trend this season?

A: “Coastal Contemporary –  I love natural organic elements being used in the space such as Coral, Stone, Driftwood, etc.”


Q: Do you have a hobby/hidden talent?

A: “I have been drawing and painting since before I could speak. This ability runs in my family for 3 generations and lead me to the design world.”


Q: What’s your advice when choosing/creating a rug?

A: “Make it the first priority! The rug is a very large statement in the room and is used to tie the whole look together. Any of our beautiful bespoke rugs will elevate all other design elements of the room for maximum impact.”


Follow Nick on Instagram: @Islander7997

Visit Nick in the showroom, Suite B-228