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Fall Market 2018

Thursday, November 8

Current Planning Phase: theme brainstorming; gauging interest in showroom participation

What’s Next: Once we have a general idea of who will be participating and in what capacity, we will then solidify a compelling, overarching theme to tie the day together effectively. Once the theme is announced, we’ll proceed with finalizing keynote topics, speakers, program content, scheduling, and any other experiences.

What We Need From You: If your showroom is interested in collaborating for a keynote presentation or showroom experience/program, we encourage you to email taylor@dcota.com to set up a meeting to discuss ideas as early as possible, preferably before the May deadlines outlined below.

Keynote Presentations

DCOTA will work hand-in-hand with each showroom team to determine content, direction and guests for all keynote presentations, which must ultimately be vetted / approved by DCOTA Marketing.

  • What’s the next step? Email us at marketing@dcota.com if you are interested in supporting / sponsoring a Keynote Presentation for Fall Market, and include any details on the potential guests/ speakers / content that you have in mind, or that have already been discussed with DCOTA Marketing. 
  • DEADLINE TO NOTIFY: Tuesday, May 15  Click to add this to your calendar. 

Showroom Experiences/Programs:

Showrooms are encouraged to discuss in-showroom program & experience ideas with DCOTA prior to finalizing to help maximize effectiveness and ensure that all factors are taken into consideration.

  • What’s the next step? Email us at marketing@dcota.com if you plan to host an In-Showroom Experience/Program during Fall Market. Include any relevant details/ideas that you have in mind, or that have already been discussed with the DCOTA Team.
  • DEADLINE TO NOTIFY: Tuesday, May 29  Click to add this to your calendar

Product News Official online forms for Product News content submissions will be coming soon.

If you have Product News information ready to share, email it to marketing@Dcota.com, along with a Dropbox link to hi-resolution professional imagery. **You may provide us with up to two (2) Product News submissions.

Product News Submission Guidelines

Product News submissions must be exactly that – newsworthy & timely. This is an opportunity to showcase and debut your new collections and products. 

  • Include the following information when submitting:
    • Showroom Name:
    • Suite Number:
    • Product Name: use exact capitalization and spelling
    • Product Description: No more than 55 words. If it exceeds the limit, we will send back to you to cut down. Make sure to carefully proofread & edit all content. Description must include the product name. Must be written in 3rd person.
    • Website:
    • Social Media Handle (Instagram):
    • Marketing Contact Name & Email Address:
    • Photography Link: paste a Dropbox Link to professional photography that corresponds with your Product News
      • Sizing: Hi-resolution, professionally shot photography only. .JPG files, 300 dpi, between 2 MB – 5 MB. Do not enlarge a low-resolution image, or take a low res file from a website.
      • Images cannot feature a logo, text or graphic of any kind – photographs only.
      • Label all photos like this: showroomname_productname.jpg
      • The Dropbox link permissions should be set so that anyone can download the imagery.
      • Quantity: Send as many photos as you have available for each collection and that are approved DCOTA to include in print and digital marketing pieces.
      • Note any photos that you prefer to appear in the Print Newsletter (use the exact photo label name).

**Important Notes/Reminders about Product News:

  • Content must not have appeared in a previous DCOTA Market Newsletter, photography may not be replicated, and the content must be considerate of the Market Date.
  • DCOTA Promotion/teasing of these products will begin 1 month prior to the Market Date (October 8, approx.) both online and in print.
  • DCOTA reserves the right to determine what content and imagery are appropriate for all marketing pieces produced.



Fall Market Keynote Interest: Tuesday, May 15

Fall Market Showroom Experience/Program Interest: Tuesday, May 29

Fall Market Product News & Photos: Thursday, July 12


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