Winter Market 2022 | 10AM | Crestron on NFTs

Join us on Wednesday, February 16th at 10AM in Atrium C for an insightful conversation on the future of NFTs.

With NFTs swiftly becoming the new mode of creative expression—allowing for consumers, artists, and brands to provide authenticity in the digital age—we sit down with the movers and shakers playing an important role in this marketplace and beyond.

Tam Gryn, Curator and Director of Fine Arts at Rally.IO shares her experience with non-fungible tokens and chats with Dan Mikesell, president of Blackdove—a luxury digital art marketplace providing collectors with the finest viewing experience for digital art and NFTs on any TV screen or video wall, at home or work—and artist Francesco Lo Castro, who replicates his real-life sculptures as unique digital assets.

Panel begins promptly at 10 AM.