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Wired Custom Lighting
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Wired Custom Lighting
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Known best for quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design, Wired Custom Lighting started as a distinctive lighting destination in the heart of the design district in West Hollywood, California in 2001. Our family-owned business was well known for grand installations throughout the Gaming and Hospitality markets for decades and moved naturally into the high-end Residential market, with an extensive and varied line not seen before in the marketplace. Offering custom design services, a broad range of design capabilities, and representing prestigious artists; our unique brand of service-oriented design created instant global demand.
 Each designer, each home, enriches our company and approach to design. It opens our horizons to what is possible; illuminating how we enhance our lives with graceful design and light. Our 35 years of experience brought insight and expertise to expand our manufacturing services to include Aviation and Luxury Yachts, customized art installations and architectural detailing.  As a champion of great design, we use both old world techniques in our Los Angeles based factory, as well as cutting edge innovations to improve sustainability and new technology. Our dedicated team of experts trained in  global sourcing of diverse and precious materials allows sophistication that transcends boarders.